An Introduction to Global State Management in React without a Library

Now, let’s add another button and a ScrollView component, create a global theme, and apply it to the button component, ScrollView component, and Text and paragraph elements. Thus, the StyleSheet API in React Native offers a clean way to abstract styles for various components, which in turn lead to a better-looking UI. Styling in React Native has been further enhanced with CSS custom properties, also called CSS variables. We’ll be exploring CSS variables in this article as well as make use of the StyleSheet API. In this article, we have explored several approaches to manage global state using native React context, dropping complex Redux implementations and embracing the cleanliness of hooks.

react native global

Say you developed an application today with a CSS variable forecolor and applied it to a bunch of text components and buttons. Six months later, you are asked to change the foreground color to something darker. Using CSS custom properties or CSS variables to implement styling is one way to achieve this. With CSS variables, you can apply the same styles to several components at one time. You can attach them to a selector so that they can be inherited by all descendants of the selector.


Learn more about adding native code to projects created with create-expo-app. Many fantastic products were built using React Native, including Skype, Facebook, Pinterest, and UberEats, which further proves it’s a framework worth considering for app development. Flutter – released in 2017 by Google, it can be used beyond cross-platform mobile development.

react native global

Below is an example of how you might override the default AppConfig component to set up Redux for your PWA. In addition to the steps we show here, you’ll also need to create your store with a reducer, initial state, and any middleware to finish your implementation. Create a User Flow – Before beginning a React Native development project you must be able to convey the central purpose of the mobile app to the developer through a user flow. This will allow them to assess its scope and identify any potential challenges which may arise during the project.

Context as global state

Since both Gestalt and React Native were based on React, Pinterest engineers expected that development wouldn’t be a complex and arduous process. While they never intended to replace their Gestalt app entirely with React Native, they wanted to check if it could be integrated smoothly into their current tech stack. This required building a special dashboard that would also account for restaurants. The original dashboard built specifically for the web restricted the ability to communicate important information to restaurants.

  • The framework lets you create an application for various platforms by using the same codebase.
  • As Android and iOS apps look and function differently, they also have different components.
  • I hope you’ve found this article useful and enjoyed this brief introduction to Pullstate and global state management.
  • Then, from an instance of the global store, you will be able to access the hooks.
  • A simple javascript implementation to add custom, default props to react-native components.
  • If you haven’t already got a React Native application you can create one using the React Native cli.

The store is now the most delicate piece of data in our application, and it is susceptible to bad usage, i.e. one bad change and the whole application will crash. To avoid this possible scenario, we have to make sure the store’s data is read-only for the consumers, and can be updated anew by a limited set of functions. Just like the regular state, we don’t change the state, we set it anew. On the basis of the above code, we understood the concept of global variables in reacts native. Furthermore, we understood how a variable can be used globally and how it can help us while coding in react native.

Running your app on a simulator or virtual device

Of course, it is important to note that this is not the only valid implementation to accomplish global state within React and you may have your own. React DevTools uses this string to determine what to display for the context. This pattern is sufficient for many cases when you need to decouple a child from its immediate parents. You can take it even further with render props if the child needs to communicate with the parent before rendering. // In this example, we’re passing “dark” as the current value. Global component provides easy to use and fully customizable implement of Modal Based UI.

react native global

It also lacked access to the native device functionalities like sound notifications, which negatively impacted the user experience. Building cross-platform applications can be 30% cheaper than building native apps, all thanks to the ability to reuse code and faster development, which directly impacts the cost. Thirdly, the framework empowered frontend developers, who could previously only work with web-based technologies, to create robust, production-ready apps for mobile platforms. React Native was first released by Facebook as an open-source project in 2015. In just a couple of years, it became one of the top solutions used for mobile development. React Native development is used to power some of the world’s leading mobile apps, including Instagram, Facebook, and Skype.

Why do we need CSS variables in React Native?

Create a new file ./src/modules/BooksContext.js specifically for our context, and then import createContext and use it to create our BooksContext. “Props” is short for “properties” and they are arguments passed to React components. From the code above, you can see we’ve created two functions, add() and remove(). To do that, we’ll create a function that will update our state with some data. First, we’ll create a function that will add a book from the books array to our savedBooks array and set the price.

The store can also hold nested objects, for example our preferences object, making managing state cleaner. From zero to getting paid as a developer, learn the skills of the present and future. Boost your professional career and get hired by a tech company. For all the self-taught geeks out there, here our content library with most of the learning materials we have produces throughout the years. Components that are descendants of the Provider can access a value prop that the component accepts.

Step 5: Start react native

Changes are visible immediately, and the developer is spared from rebuilding the entire app. They can integrate 90% of the native framework for reusing the code for both operational systems. The team already had a lot of experience programming in React, but not enough exposure to Android and iOS, so selecting React Native was a natural choice. react native mobile app development company UberEats uses a large tech stack, and React Native constitutes only a small part of it. However, the developers are pleased with what it can offer, and they’re certain it has the capacity to meet their needs as the marketplace grows. Since cross-platform apps must be responsive to various devices and platforms, it makes coding more complex.

react native global

A simple and extensible way to manage state for nested child components using React Context and Hooks. Wrap the entire App in `AppContext.Provider` and pass down the `userSettings` object as props. Create GUI Design – A Graphical User Interface allows a developer to better understand the visual representation of your data and the rationale behind it. It also sheds light on any potential risks or problems as well as facilitating more accurate time and cost projection. When looking to hire a React Native developer it is important to clearly outline the project requirements and assess candidates on both their technical and soft skills.

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